DIY Sprinkler Repair – Get Professionals to Do it For You

Whether you live in a large subdivision or a small one, lawn sprinkler systems can be a huge money saver when used properly. If not installed correctly, however, they can be a big waste of money. It is always best to seek the advice of a professional irrigation service or equipment dealer before installing any system. There are a few simple tips that everyone can use to make sure that their sprinkler system is running properly and keeping the grass nourished all year long.

Checking the connections and valves at least twice a year is essential. Most homeowners do not realize that if there are problems with the connections or valves, the system could be inoperable for quite awhile. There are typically one or two valves for each connection on a sprinkler system. Checking these valves often keeps them from breaking because of misuse. If the water pressure goes out, or the lawn sprinkler systems repairman notices that the valves no longer work, it is usually an easy fix.

The diaphragm is the part of the valve that moves up and down when the valve is closed and vice versa. A common area to find problems with the diaphragm is the holes or cracks at the bottom of the valve. Sometimes these cracks will just get smaller, so it is important to check frequently. Simply replacing the diaphragm can correct an existing problem but the cost is much higher than simply repairing the valve. The most effective option is to purchase a new diaphragm and install it by following instructions in a step-by-step instructional guide.

Most lawn care professionals suggest that homeowners check their valve boxes periodically for any cracks, breaks or damaged seals. If the valve box is cracked or has damage, it is often an easy fix just by replacing the valve box gasket. Unfortunately, most people do not replace their valve boxes because they are not aware that it is one of the most common repairs needed to keep your sprinkler system working properly.

If the water shut-off valve (LES) is not opening or closing properly, it is another simple repair that can be done at home. The LES is the one part of your sprinkler systems that requires the least amount of maintenance. If it is clogged with dirt, debris, tree leaves, or grass clippings it may be necessary to clean it out. A garden hose or power washer will effectively clean out the valve box, allowing the water to flow freely once more.

Another common DIY sprinkler repair that homeowners try and do-it-yourself is doing plumbing repairs. However, there are some sprinkler master repair experts that will only use certified plumbing tools. These professionals will be able to fix your sprinkler system without the use of a wrench, a snake, or any other common gardening tools. In order to get one of these professional level repairs done correctly, you must first schedule an appointment with the company you purchased your sprinkler from. This way they will be able to estimate the cost of your repairs.

Not all DIY sprinkler repairs are about plumbing however. There are times when sprinklers stop working due to a cracked sprinkler head or a faulty valve. In these cases, you can also try doing some of the other common DIY sprinkler repair jobs. One thing you can try is replacing the valve guide with a new one. Another thing you can try is changing out the gasket. Most people will put tar and a little water on the areas where the sprinkler lines are leaking so they can line up the new ones.

If your irrigation systems need to be replaced, it is important that you do not replace just any parts of them. The parts you need to replace are the main water supply and the irrigation heads. The main water supply could end up being the problem of your irrigation systems. This is because when this part wears out it will cause the water to not run as thoroughly through your lawn as it should. On the other hand, if you have no irrigation and your lawn is still growing then you may have to look into some of the many sprinkler systems replacement parts such as the dry sprinkler parts.

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